Connecting people with community and grassroots organizations that create change

DavidsRock will help you build coalitions that are big enough to create the change you want to see in the world

Community and grassroots organizations are constantly working together and they need an organizing command center. DavidsRock will give them an all-in-one platform for recruiting, networking and advertising


Form coalitions with like-minded groups or people. Build your network and capitalize on momentum. Finding local organizations and events in your area, so that you can organize around a cause in person.

Directory of community and grassroots organizations and events

Having trouble finding community or grassroots events? We provide you a map that shows all of the organizing in your area.

And you can search for community and grassroots organizations that organize around a similar cause.

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We will help people scale their networks of coalitions and develop a grassroots organizing command center.

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Organization connection feed

Organizations can directly connect with users that are posting about their cause.

DavidsRock users can choose a cause and we connect them with community or grassroots organizations.

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Manage Events

Users can cohost events or manage
them solo

Create Organization

that consist of you, or an org with local chapters and subdivisions

Individual Profile

Create a profile for yourself so that you can connect with community and grassroots organizations

Post & Actions

You make a public post about an issue that you want to address, and we connect you with groups that organize around that cause

Admin Panel

Organizations or people can manage different tiers of their group

Live Support

Need help or advice? We will have live support that is there to respond to your every need or give you advice

Our Story

Uche chose to build DavidsRock because of the difficulties that he faced when he was trying to collaborate with politicians and like-minded groups. They were using slack channels, discords, google docs, and email chains. Coordinating all of that communication with my organization was difficult because there was no process for forming partnerships and working together. There wasn't a place for me to coordinate with volunteers and the multiple organizations that Uche collaborated with during that election season.

Kithmal Warnasooriya is the CTO and he connected with Uche through a website that pairs developers with tech projects that are for social good. When the 2 soon to be founders connected, they proceeded to build out a team of 20+ volunteers from around the world and developed DavidsRock Kithmal is building most of the product along with assistance from the rest of the team.


Giving people a place to come together
To be the connective tissue that links society to organizations that make a difference.


Connecting Society with organizations that make a difference

Meet the Team

Our team has 20+ members from all around the world. Each team member saw the value that DavidsRock can provide to the world, and they come from over 5 different countries


Uche has worked in Technology for 8+ years, but he left the tech world to start a nonprofit named Justus & Food. He worked with 4 aspiring politicians that were running for Congress and provided them with volunteers and food policy. Justus & Food was also part of a 30 group coalition that organized around food safety in the supply chain process.

Kithmal has 9 plus years of experience in the software industry designing and developing various software products caters to different domains such as banking, social, finance, ride hailing, government, ecommerce etc. He poses multiple years of experience in working at tech start-ups and leading a 20 plus member teams. He is also a certified Scrum Product Owner and a Certified Blockchain expert.

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